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Purely Natural Non Toxic Skincare & Beauty Products 

About PureBlendNaturals.com

Pure Blend Natural is your skin most healthy food. We handmake and sell 100% pure skin care and beauty products free of synthetic and artificial chemicals.

We are also Canada top Supplier Of Cosmetics Raw Materials, Skin Care Formulation Ingredients, Botanical Extracts, Soapmaking Lye, Caustic Soda, Carrier Oils, Emulsifiers, Solubilizers, Cosmetic Bases, hydrosols, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, AHA, BHA, Fruit Acid Complex, Vitamin E MT 50, Olive Oil.

Our Chief Formulator as you see on our YouTube Page is Victoria Ade, a Certified Organic Cosmetic Chemist with over 12 years of experience formulating stable and great non toxic natural skincare products.

Victoria's Journey Into The Pure World Of Organic Cosmetic Formulation

Her journey into Organic Skincare Formulation started as a childhood desire that grew up with her into adulthood.

As the daughter of an organic farmer and a natural cosmetic formulator mom, she developed an intimate love for nature and this motivated her desire to further her education in Cosmetic Chemistry.

In 1998, she bagged an Advanced Cosmetic Science from US most reputable Cosmetic Formulation College before proceeding for her Cosmetic Science Bsc program which she completed in 2012.

She went further in search of knowledge and completed her Masters in Cosmetic Science in 2017.


Before starting on her own, she worked for top skincare brands in order to gather the experience needed to help her education.

non toxic natural skincare products

After over 10 years on the job experience, she quit her job to offer what most skincare brand don't offer, transparency.

Even though most disagree with her principle of transparency due to fear of competition, she believes transparency is a plus to her brand reputation.

PureBlendNaturals.com full time online presence started in 2005 and since then, she has catered to well over 250,000 clients.

Why She Chose Transparency.

As you can see on our official YouTube Channel, in 2006, Victoria Ade adopted Transparent Formulation process which most skincare brands can't do because of the toxic ingredients in their products.

Our approach to transparency is not only about listing the ingredients we used on our labels, we take you to our home lab and show you how we hand make all your products with care and love.

We guarantee you will love our toxin-free Handmade Natural Beauty Products. They are far better, safer and superior in quality than the chemical enriched products you buy on store shelves.


Our organic ingredients are sourced from selected organic farms in Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana.

All our products are free of toxic chemicals.

Your peace of mind and the health of your skin is our number one priority.

We welcome you to watch our transparent production videos at PureBlendNaturals.com official YouTube Channel.

We are delighted to have you on our website today and we are glad you discovered us.