About Pure Blend Skincare

Pure Blend Skincare Is Cosmeceutical Skincare Brand Developed By World's Most Respected Cosmetic Scientist, Victoria Adegbola, the founder of Pure Blend Canada.

Victoria who dedicated her entire life to skincare education has formulated well over 450 stable cosmeceutical skincare products that has turned the lives of  her clients around for good. 

Pure Blend Canada currently owns Pure Blend Naturals, Pure Blend Skincare and Skincare Queen.

About Our Products.

We develop our formulations to challenge the skin the exact way exercise challenges our bodies to stay in shape.

We do not use toxic chemicals however, we use high performance cosmetic actives (aka Cosmeceuticals) that make all our skincare products work very fast.

Our ingredients such as Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids work together to stimulate the production of elements in the skin that bind tissue and hold moisture. This aids the appearance of brighter, healthier and younger looking skin with visible radiance and elasticity.

Pure Blend Formulations are made with the best quality active ingredients available in the skincare industry. 

All products are made in Canada, not tested on animals, paraben and fragrance free.

Our laboratory tested products produce transformative results in short period of time.

They are proven to improve skin elasticity, heal the look of acne, shrink pores and slow down signs of aging.

Pure Blend Skincare products are customized to work for all skin types.

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