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Size: 30ml

BENEFITS: Extremely hydrating facial serum that locks in moisture and protect your skin from environmental pollutants while brightening up your skin.

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This serum works for oily skin, dry skin and other skin types.

This bio ferment rich serum hydrates, soften and regulate the skin pH using algin from mineral-packed seaweed from pure sea waters.

It provides the nutrition your skin needs with multi level hydration ingredients.

Ensure you use this serum immediately after washing your face  to balance your skin’s PH.


  • Aloe Vera
  • Witch Hazel
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin B3
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Advanced Sea Culture Extract
  • Unique Blend Of Face Lifting Organic Essential Oils

All Natural Ecocert Approved Preservative

Pure Blend Naturals uses all natural ecocert approved preservative to preserve all our products.

This is to give you peace of mind and protect our skincare products from contamination.

More About Pure Blend Naturals Products

This mineral rich serum is formulated with a blend of skin nourishing botanical extracts and high performance actives that will keep your skin hydrated.

All High performance actives in our products will give you the needed results faster than any other skincare brands out there.

This is why our skincare products work for all clients and customers.

Pure Blend Naturals Packaging:

Our products are packaged in luxury air tight jar to extend the shelf life of your product.

We use patented glass packaging to keep all our skincare products away from light, water and air, the 3 major factors that cause growth of mold and fungi in cosmetics.

We are sure you will love our products the moment it reaches your hand.

 Your Safety, And Satisfaction Is Our Number 1 Priority

Since your safety and satisfaction is our first priority, we have this in mind when formulating and packaging our products.

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure all our products are safe and contamination free.

Pure Blend Naturals is a brand you can trust for all your skincare needs.

Shop with confidence backed by our 30 day return guarantee.

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Use 2 Drops After Washing and Toning Face
Allow To Dry
Apply Moisturizer
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