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BENEFITS: This light absorbing all purpose body and face lotion is very friendly for those who require hydration on the go.

It can be used on your face, legs,  hands, neck and entire body.
One or two pump help to hydrate your body for over 8 hours.

The calming smell of Blood orange, Orange sweet and Rosemary will keep you wanting more of this lightweight formula.

This Aloe Vera based cream works for all skin types and it is a perfect product for busy people and family who want all in one solution.


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Pure Blend Natural sebum oil hydrates skin and protect it from environmental aging factors. This oil absorbs quickly.

Aloe Vera: This wonder plant contains loads of antioxidants and vitamins your skin needs daily.

Olive oil provides deep moisture for your skin.

Rosemary Seed Extract, Orange Sweet Essential Oil balance and uplift your sense.

Sunflower seed oil is an emollient that is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. It helps acne, inflammation and redness of skin. It also helps the skin retain moisture.

All Natural Ecocert Approved Preservative

Pure Blend Naturals uses all natural ecocert approved preservative to preserve all our products.

This is to give you peace of mind and protect our skincare products from contamination.

Pure Blend Natural Packaging:

Our products are packaged in air tight jars to extend the shelf life and preventing degradation in quality.

We use patented glass packaging to keep all our skincare products away from light, water and air, the 3 major factors that cause growth of mold and fungi in cosmetics.

 Your Safety, And Satisfaction Is Our Number 1 Priority

Since your safety and satisfaction is our first priority, we have this in mind when formulating and packaging our products.

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure all our products are safe and contamination free.

Pure Blend Naturals is a brand you can trust for all your skincare needs.

Shop with confidence backed by our 30 day return guarantee.

If in any case, your skin is reacting to this lotion (which is unlikely), please stop using it immediately.

We are so confident you will love this lotion.

Please come back and leave your exciting testimonials.

Love Our Products Or Your Money Back No Question Asked.

We are very sure you are going to love all our all natural, beyond organic skincare products.

Your purchase is backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.

If you don’t like them, we will refund your purchase without hassle.

Our money back guarantee puts the risk on us to deliver the best possible products and results to you.

Shop with confidence today. We’ve got your back.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 36 × 27 × 10 cm

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1 review for Aloe Vera Deep Moisture All Purpose Face And Body Lotion By Pure Blend Naturals

  1. Pelumi Israel

    I love this lotion, it Is making my face glow
    This only happens when I started using it. I was using Vaseline lotion before now

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More Information About Aloe Deep Moisture All Purpose Lotion
This cream is formulated with a blend of skin nourishing botanical extracts and high performance actives that will keep your skin hydrated all day long.
  All High performance actives in our products will give you the needed results faster than any other skincare brands out there.
This is why our skincare products work for all clients and customers.
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